Still alive!

Well we are still alive… mostly. More major house renovations and assorted other commitments (web developing and such) have precluded much updating.

A point of interest, it is quite an undertaking to install a bathroom in a basement of a house. Its even more so if that house is on a septic system and you have to install a sanitary pit!

Sump pit installed! Final gravel going in.

Sump pit installed! Final gravel going in.

Digging the hole to China!

Digging the hole to China!


The Oculus rift has arrived! Actually it arrived several weeks ago. The unboxing images will be up shortly.

Suffice it to say, it has been a life changing event! So far only Portal 2 has been tested out on the unit on the gaming front and it was amazing. Currently the push is to test CAD model viewing and walk throughs using the Unity engine and the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift – in time

The headset for the APP-02 platform has officially been purchased! After reading through many reviews, technical descriptions and pricing evaluations the Oculus Rift system came out as the clear leader.

The waiting game is now in full swing. At this time the dev kit is all that is available for this system and it apparently is now shipping some time in December.

As it stands right now the App-02 has not flown in a while and is still awaiting the installation of the Eagle Tree system so the delay in delivery of the Oculus Rift is not a show stopper.

With the Shed-04 (Garage) project winding down work will hopefully be commencing again on APP-02… along with some more flights hopefully!

Oculus Rift'ed

Oculus Rift’ed

The Eagle Has Landed!

The latest update to the APP-02 platform has arrived! Several new sensors are ready to be installed (altimeter, GPS, engine temp, etc.) along with a complete data logging system.

Also included in this a a new 3-axis electronic stabilization system. It operates on complete solid state electronic gyros (or accelerometers if you prefer) and promises to make the plane fly like it was on rails! As an added feature it will also protect the several thousand dollars of equipment onboard now!

The next step is to finish repairs on the tail wheel (it was “removed” in a particularly rough landing on its last flight) and add in the new equipment along with the SLR camera!

After this the plan is to find someone crazy enough to rent out a FLIR camera :)

The complete kit!

The complete kit!

Shed-04 Updates

So we have updated the Shed-04 page with some new pictures and moat digging pointers!

Here is a teaser picture, check out the Shed-04 page for further information:

A simply massive amount of dirt!

A simply massive amount of dirt!

Silence of the deathly!

So first up… its been a long time since anything was posted here. This is sad :(

On the plus side the reason is that much progress was being made on the “Shed”! More complete information and pictures will be posted in the near to distant future depending on time. Suffice it to say this project is huge! It turns out its a very big deal to build a complete two car garage with no experience and just a husband and wife team…

In a brief description the foundation is complete, the walls are up, the roof is on and the electrical work is started.

So more information will come down the line… hopefully soon!